World of Warcraft has lost many fans over the years. Many people did not think it was the same game anymore because of the hundreds of changes that were made. This changes with the release of World of Warcraft Classic. Fans all over the world can re-explore the old world or discover it for the first time. Exploring is easier with a lot of WoW Classic gold. You can buy gold for EU server and US server. Start your adventure right!

World of Warcraft Classic had the difficult task of restoring the name of the MMO. Many saw the original World of Warcraft as the best MMORPG of all time. These pink glasses are also the reason why Blizzard has resisted so-called ‘Vanilla Servers’ for so long. Yet Classic does not only build on nostalgia. Many old aspects return. You are no longer the hero of the Alliance of Horde. You are a normal adventurer who lets his actions speak for themselves, by killing strong enemies or taking on impossible challenges. Alone or with a whole group of friends.

The latter was quite a challenge, because World of Warcraft Classic had a difficult launch. Thousands of players wanted to enter the world of Azeroth at the same time and complete the first quests, which is quite a challenge with so many players wanting to do the same. Provided you came through the long lines and could play at all. Fortunately, Blizzard added new servers fairly quickly, and used layers to distribute players to their own versions of the server to solve the problem.

World of Warcraft Classic Review

What is World of Warcraft Classic?
World of Warcraft is an MMORPG that has been around for 14 years now. The groundbreaking game was a huge success at the time, with millions of players and now seven expansions as a result. However, over the years Blizzard has seen a significant drop in the number of players, for various reasons. Many veterans, on the other hand, had reason to party when the game giant announced the World of Warcraft Classic at Blizzcon 2017. This allows players to get back to work with the original World of Warcraft.

The game throws you into the wonderful world called Azeroth, where many challenges and stories await you. In the beginning you are just killing pigs, but soon you will for example be dealing with a dark gang called The Defias Brotherhood. For many World of Warcraft fans, that name will be familiar, because this group is hidden in The Deadmines, the first dungeon that players on the Alliance side can go through. This challenging location immediately shows how high the level of difficulty of Classic is.

Where in the current version of WoW this content can be run quickly, you have to work well with four other players on the original server and take your time. Going through a dungeon in fifteen minutes is therefore not an option, you will soon be working on it for an hour or more to defeat boss boss Edwin VanCleef. The satisfaction that completing such a challenge is many times higher than in Battle for Azeroth.

Fight in the old world

World of Warcraft Classic gave us the feeling that we had landed in a different world. All areas in Classic WoW use the old textures that were also used when the game was released in 2006. For many, this may be a dealbreaker, but for others it will again evoke the nostalgic feeling. You are drawn back in time.

There is also plenty of PvP going on in the world, where you encounter one or more players from the other faction and you fight a fight for life and death. The reason why you are fighting the other faction is because there is a constant war going on between the Alliance and Horde. Both sides also have their own varieties. At the noble Alliance you can choose Night Elfs and Humans, while the wild Horde has varieties like Orcs and the bull-like Tauren. Breeds that were added later, such as Worgen and Blood Elfs, are of course absent in Classic.

A living community

All the dangers that you encounter in the world, from players of the other faction to unique enemies that are extremely strong, you can deal a lot better with multiple players. That’s what MMOs were meant to do at the time, to go out into the world with friends you’ve met in real or digital life. But in the open world of today’s World of Warcraft, you won’t need any help, not even with quests that require multiple players.

In World of Warcraft Classic that is different and you will really need the help of other players. With that you really have to make contact with others, because useful functions such as the Group Finder were not in the original game and therefore not in Classic. Nevertheless, it ensures that the game quickly builds a living community, where players visit each other, make contact and where your friends need for life

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