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The next release of EA Sports FIFA game will be 12 female squads – The First Time’s best selling sports videogame franchise has included female players.

The product announcement comes a day after two current FIFA vice-presidents were among 14 people indicted by US prosecutors to investigate what they called “rampant, systemic and entrenched” corruption in the sport dating back to the 1991

EA Sports Typically the latest version of FIFA gives every September, and the company has long planned to unveil its latest product update on Thursday. It has not seen the charges as a reason to delay the news of female players set because the scandal has not affected how people view and play the game according to Will Alexander FleishmanHillard, a public relations firm for EA Sports.

“This is one of the key features that we’ve added to our game,” senior producer, Nick Channon Said in an interview.

In the past, FIFA president Sepp Blatter has been criticized for his views on women footballers to concentrate on their appearance and urging them to wear feminine clothes like skimpier volley ballers -: as tighter shorts.

FIFA 16, scheduled for release in September will feature 12 women’s national teams, including the US, Canada, Australia and top-ranked Germany. Japan, thereby reached next month to defend his World Championship title, is not included due to licensing issues, says Channon.

“We are all excited to see us in the game, but even more excited to see the reaction of all the supporters,” Wambach, the career goal scoring leader in soccer American women, said in a statement.

There is a public outcry for female inclusion in the FIFA video game franchise as the popularity of women’s sports has increased. A petition on the Change.org website had more than 13,000 supporters.

“We looked at this for a while, and what worries we had the right technology in place,” says Channon. “But it is clear that we always listen to what people say.”

EA Sports began prototyping female characters in the last few years .According to the producer, starting with the face of a woman in a male body. Development continued from there to create a more realistic virtual female player.

Digitally Scanned

Women featured in the FIFA 16 game were digitally scanned and their movements were caught this spring to create more unique body types, player movements – such as running and walking – specifically his way to be a woman, and flowing ponytails. Her movement was a new challenge for game makers such as added video rendering requirements to animate her meant the game had to be optimized to run smoothly.

Other changes included changing announcer calls in all available languages ​​of the game to say “they” instead of “he” and a new player rating system more reflective of the women his game.

World Cup of the 2015 Women’s begin June 6 in Canada. The finale for the 24-team tournament, played in six cities, will be held July 5 in Vancouver.

The 12 teams to appear in FIFA 16 are Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden and the United States.

Women teams in the game will only be able to play against other teams women. They want to be included in a number of gameplay modes, color: as Kick Off and play online, but not all.

In 2013 Recorded FIFA for 27 percent of the new EA’s revenue and 23 percent of its gross profits, according to Forbes Magazine. The company also makes the Madden football and the National Basketball Association and National Hockey League.

Nike Inc. this year began selling women’s US national team jerseys for men. Women’s World Cup is held every four years since 1991

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