How to buy PS3 and PS4 coins after the update in FUT?

There are three ways to buy cheap PS4 coins after the update. You can still buy coins the ‘old way’ by putting a player (or multiple players) in the auction house. This however is not the best way to buy coins after the Price Ranges were introduces in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. Some coin sellers do not offer all three methods. Our favorite is MMOGA (the one we have tested the most, is 100% legit and is reliable). There are two other methods we prefer:

Mule Account
Buy a new account for Ultimate Team. You can choose how many coins you want on your account. For example: You want a new account with 5 million coins for the PS4. Choose the mule account option, pay the website and wait for your new account. Tip: Change the password and secret question afterwards!

Regarding this type of delivery, the seller logs into your account and hands over the FIFA Coins.
You don’t have to do anything else than wait till the Coins have been transferred.
Please do not log into the account during the service.
Indicate your account data below.
“Account name” is your PSN Email Address
Note: for maximum security change your password before placing your order y also after the successful conclusion of the order. Here there are no 5 % transaction fees, the total sum will always be handed over.

PS4  PS3

Comfort Trade
Seller logs in to you PSN account. You have to give your pass and secret answer. Only buy coins this way if you trust a website!

The seller creates a brand new FIFA account with the respective FIFA Coins amount on it.
After the process is completed and the coins are on it you will get account name, password and the secret answer. Afterwards you can use the account as you wish.

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