How to buy FIFA 20 coins?

How to buy FIFA 20 coins?

Buying coins for FIFA Ultimate Team is easy. It doesn’t matter on which console you play the popular game. Follow this guide and you’ll have millions of coins in a matter of minutes to one hour. Only choose a reliable website to buy coins with your money. Only choose a form of payment which you are comfortable with. Do not pay with creditcard if you don’t trust the website or if you haven’t read any reviews about the website. Our personal top 5 websites are all reliable. We have paid with our creditcard, PayPal, PaySafeCard and with the Dutch option IDEAL a fair number of times. We never got scammed or worse. How do you buy FUT coins fast, cheap and reliable?

The best of the best FIFA coins sellers

Step by step

  1. Choose a website from our personal best websites
  2. List a player for 3 days in the transfer market in Ultimate Team
  3. Set a Buy Now price for the same amount of coins that you want to purchase on the website
  4. Place your order on the website
  5. Give the right information (Player, Club name etc.).
  6. The website will search your player on the transfer market and buy your player for the amount of coins you have paid for
  7. You will receive your coins minus the 5% EA Tax
  8. Congratulations, you have bought coins! Now go and buy players or packs!

Got any problems during this process? Contact the live chat of the website. They can help you if you have listed the wrong player, filled in the wrong information or with any other problem you have during the process of buying FIFA 20 coins.

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