Career wishlist

  • Ability to hire and dismiss staff
  • Sponsors recruit for the team
  • The standard uniforms customize a team
  • Youth development and develop a youth league
  • Keep an elaborate press chat
  • Determine the number of friendly matches but also the opponent
  • More contact with the player on an ongoing contract and other matters
  • As a manager can buy stuff from the salary
  • Other teams in the league can dismiss their manager as disappointing results. The playing style of the entire team will be different
  • The option to create multiple youth teams
  • In negotiating transfers you may require a player instead of money
  • Training determining individual players and a whole team

Ultimate Team wishlist

  • A way to get free FIFA points here without having to give money on
  • A greater range of positioning workout cards.
  • Legend cards also for PS3, PS4 and other consoles. Not only does the Xbox
  • A logo and uniform creator
  • Coin packs of 1,000,000 coins with higher probability TOTY, TOTW, IF, SIF, TIF and other valuable cards
  • Another color base map for players with a rating higher than 85
  • Leagues that you can play with friends in Ultimate Team
  • Better way to search on auction

General wishlist for FIFA 16

  • If a player is made by Player Creations, there must be an option to edit skill moves, work rates, overalls and styles
  • The ability to play as a referee
  • As a coach to speak to your team before, during and after a match
  • Add the following leagues: 1st Brazil, Jupiler League Netherlands, 3rd German, Spanish 3rd, 1st Greek, 1st New Zealand
  • Adding national teams: Canada, Costa Rica, Algeria, Ghana, Nigeria, Iran, Japan, Bosnia, Honduras, Jamaica, Croatia, Ukraine and China
  • Obtain rights for Champions League and Europa League called normal name
  • Sierd de Vos as Dutch commentator instead of Evert at Naples and Youri Mulder.


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