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One of the biggest complaints about last year’s Fifa 15 is fast footballers have an unrealistic advantage. Players with a high rating in the so-called pace-statistic sprinting defenders with ease from there. Particularly towards the end of the match, when the defense gets tired. The insertion of a fast player delivers in this situation, a huge advantage. The cause can be traced back to several causes which developer Electronic Arts (EA) fortunately seems to provide an answer.


The first problem is the slow reaction of supporters that the rapid movement of star players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar can imitate impossible. Defensively intervene when such players rushing already scurrying to the defense could have disastrous consequences in FIFA 15. A mistimed sliding and the path to the goal is completely open. In FIFA 16, EA has reduced this by the difference in speed between players with ball and without reducing.

The addition of a zipper animation gives defenders more opportunities to react quickly. So we steered in a match Vincent Kompany of Manchester City and we made a sliding tackle on an incoming Messi. The star player turned at the last moment of direction and seemed elusive. From the sliding But Kompany turned right around and he gave chase on Messi. In FIFA 15 Kompany was still lying on the ground to make the animation of a sliding, while Messi though was sprinting towards the goal.
Small spaces

Anyhow carries the entire defense now an extra bit. Open spaces and players in FIFA 16 cover much better. Where defenders in FIFA 15 on every attack stoically direction with the ball moving forward, we see in FIFA 16 football players that take into account the position of teammates and dangerous opponents. As a result, there will be given away much less space and are counters to carry out a lot more difficult.

Chances are much bigger a ball is intercepted in midfield. Passes which players can easily lift a foot, are frequently removed in this new part. Balve Rover locals as defensive midfielder Mascherano to do in the heat of battle their way to intercept a pass with a sliding tackle.

The additional animation for tackles also ensure that balls are half-height adopted easier to steal. Conversely, the ability to give extra sharp and hard passes, allowing players like Modric and Andrea Pirlo maximum showcase their talents. It creates a new pace in FIFA and seems to bring the balance back to a common, realistic level.

Dribbling without ball

And there are yet more additions to FIFA 16 which provide a better gaming experience. Good dribble agents like Robben and Messi, just some more options available to them. In the situation we outlined earlier, with Kompany and Messi, you can let the ball roll Argentinian this all the time without having to touch.

This produces the characteristic dribble from Messi, where you as a player at any time can make a feint. In between is sufficient short tap to keep the ball at you. By combining the dribble button at the last minute with another button and then release it, Messi shoots past the opponent. It looks like on TV and gives a wonderful sense of freedom and satisfaction.

A typical FIFA celebration follows. Who this time a lot less stiff. So this time we also see players sprinting toward the camera, jumping a coach in the arms and celebrate with the whole team party.

Small improvements

These are small things, but which ensure that FIFA remains interesting every year. So give for putting better prepared and no longer solely dependent on player statistics. Also look better players to the ball, their faces are more truthful and seem corrected the mistakes of foreign goalkeepers. These series of improvements votes along with the new balance positive. But how about the effect of game options such as Ultimate Team and operation of the online component is still a mystery.

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