In a new FUT update, FIFA removed the option to view which team is selling a particular card.. what to do? If you want to buy coins at FIFAAH, Goldaah or our top favorite MMOGA (tip!), and want to do it the old way (player auction). You normally enter your Ultimate Team name.. this is not possible..

Step by step guide: 

1. Choose one player and platform you want, it is like before

2. Before payment, input your correct and real email address and coupon name.

3. Input the Player Name, Start Price and Buy Now Price you listed in market. Note, because the club name has removed, so please input the player’s Data Issued, Bought For and Number of Owners instead of Ultimate Team Name. You can see these 3 information in the Player Details (PC/XBOX use RS, PS use R3) of transfer market.

Is player auction the best option?
No. In our opinion comfort trade is the best option for existing accounts. If you want a new account with 10 million coins, we prefer the option Mule Account.


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