FIFA 15 Ultimate Team: Community Teams of the Season 2015
In May and June 2015, the special TOTS (Team of the Season) teams with players tickets for the football game FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. Of the eleven teams that come his three chosen by the community. The fans from April 2015 to vote on the official forum of EA Sports. The three TOTS teams are divided into the categories gold (gold), silver (silver) and bronze (bronze). How can you vote for this team in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team (FUT)? The team is formed and what are the rules regarding voting?


Team of the Season in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team
After most of football are over and the players getting frustrated by the summer break, EA Sports comes with special cards for the Ultimate Team online part of the football game FIFA 15. These cards have increased rating. In total, released eleven teams in eight weeks, showing the best players of the football season 2014/2015. Three of these teams will be chosen by the community (fans and players FUT 15). These are players with a gold, silver or bronze card that had no special card in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.
Why gold, silver and bronze?
The community team TOTS consists of three teams: Gold, silver and bronze. These colors are not random. These correspond with the colors that have received the cards in Ultimate Team since the 2008 edition. The gold cards are the rarest players and have an overall rating from 75 to 99. The silver cards have an overall rating from 65 to 74. The least valuable cards have a bronze color and can have an overall rating between 0 and 65. Most people naturally hope for a lot of gold Team of the Season cards in 2015. Ultimate Team (UT).

Want to vote for the gold, silver and bronze TOTS?
The three community Team of The Season Teams are completely chosen by fans of the game. They can express their voice on the board of EA Sports. In April 2015, it is possible to vote for favorite players with a gold, silver and bronze card in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. A team made up of all these voices of 23 players (5 players this is more than most teams in FIFA 15 TOTS). Unique to this voting process is that there is much room for discussion on the forum. There are some rules on the composition of the community teams.


Rules for the Community Team of the Season
The rules, on the basis of the previous years, are as follows:

  • In total there are 23 players per team
  • Players who are selected by fans should have performed consistently during the football season 2014/2015 (goals, no goals against, assists, etc.) and they have no special In-Form (In-Shape) card had in FUT 15
  • You can call players who may also occur in other teams Team of the Season
  • There must be in gold, silver and brozen team minimum per team: six players from the English Premier League, two players from the Bundesliga, two players from the Italian Serie A and 2 players from the French Ligue 1, sit.
  • The rest of the players are from all nationalities and from all playable FIFA divisions.
  • All ratings are determined by EA Sports. Fans may make a suggestion, but that is all.
  • If a player appears in a named Team of the Week Team before TOTS team came out, the player will be removed.
  • At the forum footballers should be named as Player (club / league) reason.
  • Try to be as complete as possible in the information you give. Put graphs and additional statistics also at

How many players are there in the gold, silver and brozen TOTS teams?
Each team will have 23 players. 11 players are in the starting seven players sitting on the bench as a substitute and 5 players are reserve. The base players are on the basis of one (1) 4-3-3 arrangement chosen. In total there are three attackers, three midfielders, four midfielders and one goalkeeper TOTS get a map of the community foundation.

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When will the community TOTS teams in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team?
When Electronic Arts announced via an official channel when the Ligue 1 TOTS in packs is available, this article is adapted.

The winners 2014/2015 season in FUT15
The above information is based upon expectations, previous statements from EA Sports and the data of recent years. Once more is known, this article will be updated

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