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The football game FIFA 15 is regularly updated. Usually these are quite small updates and hardly noticed by the players. However, the update of March 2015 is a very big and important onee. On March 9, 2015 there was a major update introduced by Electronic Arts for the online component Ultimate Team (FUT) of the football game FIFA 15. The Price Ranges  were introduced to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. What does this update do? What effect will the Price Ranges have on the transfer market? Is still possible to buy coins with real money (euro, dollar) after March 9, 2015? Has EA Sports put cheaters to a stop? What is the minimum and maximum price for Lionel Messi on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 or Windows PC? Are all the prices universal?

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team (FUT)
FIFA 15 is a football game that was released in September 2015 for the PlayStation 3 (PS4), PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android operating system, Windows PC and Apple iOS. In the game you can start a career as a professional player or a manager of a club. Of course it is also possible to simply play an exhibition game against the computer or with a friend on the couch. The most played mode of the game called FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, abbreviated as FUT or FUT15. Here you need to create a club and teams will build with players. These players need to buy in the transfer market or buy in packs. Besides players you must also fill the club with items such as coaches, football, soccer, stages and more important items. With your team you can win seasons, finales, play and compete against live opponents from around the world. The more you play, the more coins you earn in the game. With these coins you can buy new players and packs to upgrade your Ultimate Team in FIFA 15.

It is still possible to buy coins! READ HOW! 

 The Price Ranges in short
When the Price Ranges feature is introduced in FIFA Ultimate Team, all players, in-form (in form) players, usable items and club items go get a Price Range, they will get a minumum and maximum price. For each card EA Sports has a value determined in terms of coins. These items can only be sold for a price within this values.  The reason EA introduced this feature is for:
[LIST] FUT players to better understand the value of their club
High-rated players in this way will be more accessible forevery gamer. They are no longer are  offered for extortionate rates at the trasfermarket
To reduce the illegal buying of coins in FUT

Let’s take Lionel Messi for example
One of the best footballers of the year 2014/2015 still is Lionel Messi. His players card is extremely valuable and sold for millions of coins before 9 March 2015. How about this after the update, which was introduced on March 9, 2015?
If you want to sell Lionel Messi can do this with a minimum of 5 million coins, the maximum price is 7.5 million coins. You can buy now (Buy now or buy) price between these two values Before the update Messi was sold for a lot more. Sometimes even the market cap of 15 million coins.

Rules the Price Ranges
Even though the new prices of items and other cards other than the price for March 9, 2015, they represent the true value of a particular card. There are a number of lines connected to the new price ranges:

  • All prizes will be universal. They are the same on the Xbox, PlayStation and PC.
    When you put an item on the transfer market wants to get to see directly between what values ​​you may sell the card. This price is based on previous sales, and an analysis that EA Sports has made
  • It is  no longer possible to openly bid on cards. If you want to sell you need to set a Buy Now price a player within the range in which you can sell a card
  • The Price Range will probably be great, as it remains possible to reasonably ‘free’ act on the transfer market.
    As the update is implemented can still change the values ​​of cards
  • New in-form players FUT (TOTW, TOTY, TOTS etc.) get a new Price Range if these cards are released in packs.

Downfall of the coinwebsites? Is still possible to buy coins? 
It is for such coinverkopers Fifaah, MMOGA, Goldah, Easy Coins Fifa, Fifa Ultimate Team Coins and FUTstore, a lot harder to sell coins to gamers. Once they have put a statement out regarding the update of March 9, 2015 This article will be updated.

Are you happy with the Price Ranges?
EA Sports realizes that it is a large and comprehensive update. Many companies will be affected by this update. They have to invent a new way to sell illegally coins to the gamers. EA Sports calls this way cheaters a halt. Some fans have already shown to be very happy with this update. It is all now a lot fairer now.


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