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Will FIFA 17 appear on the PlayStation 3? Our opinion!
The question remains: “Is FIFA 17 season 2016/2017 also available for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console, or just for the PS4?”. This we cannot say for sure, but we expect that there will be a version for the older PlayStation 3 console. All the major releases this year came to, almost, all the consoles. Not just the next-gen consoles Xbox One and FIFA coins PlaySatation 4. And since the football game FIFA 17 from Electronic Arts and EA Canada is one of the biggest releases of the year 2015, they cannot release it just for the PS4. We at Buy Coins FIFA therefore assume that we are also going to compare the best and cheapest coin websites for the PlayStation 3 Ultimate Team game.

The best prices for FIFA 17 PS4 coins

Do not pay too much for your PS3 or PS4 coins!
Once the game FIFA 17 is released, people will buy FIFA coins immediately for the PlayStation consoles. They buy coins at all kind of websites. Not all of them are reliable.  Be careful if you buy coins for FIFA 17 illegally online. You will risk a ban for Ultimate Team on the PS console.  You can buy coins the official way with a giftcard or PSN voucher. There are many unreliable suppliers on the market. They take your euros or dollars and deliver nothing in return. Buy only with companies that you (or we) trust.

Buy coins for the PlayStation (PS3, PS4), watch the price! Tips and Tricks
In the autumn, when people have just bought the game, most of them will like to make a flying start by buying many coins for the PS. Since the game is still new and there is not much money pumped into the economy in Ultimate Team (FUT 17), you must be careful that you do not pay too much. It’s best to wait several days or week before you buy new coins. There will be more money (coins) in the FUT economy and coins will be cheaper.

Reliable PlayStation Fut coins
We have tested a large number (over 20) of websites for coins on our PlayStation 3 and 4 over the years. Some coin sellers did not deliver the coins at all. Some came way to late and with some we paid too much for our PlayStation coins. The top five websites for cheap coins for the PS consoles are in our opinion: