In FIFA 17 you play with footballers from the season 2015/2016. Major players in the team are the attackers. These are in formation in FIFA 16 Career Mode and Ultimate Team abbreviated as ST and CF. The spiers provide the bulk of the goals for your club. You can in FIFA 16 on this position choose include (young) talent and the best players. Who are the best strikers in FIFA 16 and who are the best talents in the position ST and CF in Career Mode? FIFA 17 coins


The positions ST and CF in the football world
Striker – ST
Team striker has only one goal: to make goals. He often just an eye for the goal of the opponent and has an average game, not the ball. His teammates have to serve him with crosses. Useful statistics for an attacker to include headlines, shooting at goal, completing goals, nose for the goal man play and positional play. Famous Dutch players who like to play the position ST include Robin van Persie (Fenerbahçe SK), Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (FC Schalke 04), Bas Dost (VfL Wolfsburg) and Luuk de Jong (PSV).
Sometimes they worked in a team with a second striker. The striker must also make goals, but is often in the field to operate the first striker. In modern football it is increasingly rare rush and there are fewer and fewer teams working with two strikers. These teams choose rather to convert to an extra midfielder or attacking midfielder (CAM) in the formation.

Central Forward – CF
The striker is installed less profound compared to the ST. He comes often pick up the ball in midfield and dribbling like a ball from midfield to the goal of the opponent. The statistics dribbling, speed and fit are therefore very important, in addition to the statistics of attacks. Football players born in the Netherlands does not exist at this position. Well-known foreign players who prefer to play on CF include Thomas Müller (FC Bayern), Francesco Totti (Roma) and Max Kruse (VfL Wolfsburg). The CF is usually just used as ST in a formation in FIFA 16. What actually is pretty sin. If you’re a player will draw on its natural privileged position, he will usually play better in a match.

The best players at these positions in FIFA 16
In FIFA 16 Ultimate Team (FUT) and at the start of the Career Mode are the following strikers considered the best attackers in FIFA 16.

Luis Suárez – 90 rating
28 years, plays for FC Barcelona, born in Uruguay, ST
The best striker in the game is Luis Suárez. After a disastrous World Cup in 2014, he was following the bite of the Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini, suspended for four months to play football worldwide. He also in 2014 the move from Liverpool to FC Barcelona. Few football fans had expected that would suit the controversial former Ajax player in the FC Barcelona system. How could he among players like Iniesta, Messi and Neymar score a goal? He quickly proved to be the missing link to Barcelona. He assists and scores on the assembly line. Suárez has become the best striker in the world. You can see this clearly reflected in the statistics in FIFA 16. His card is in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team (FUT), one of the most expensive and in the Career Mode, it is almost impossible to buy Luis Suárez for a normal amount (below 100 million euro).

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 89 rating
33 years, plays for PSG, born in Sweden, ST
Zlatan is in his homeland a true folk hero. This sturdy and strong striker has long been on the list of best strikers in the world. He plays in the season 2015/2016 in France for the PSG team, along with include Gregory van der Wiel and Edinson Cavani. In FIFA 16, he excels in all statistics related to attacks. In particular, scalping, shooting on goal and heads are highly valued. He is also a true leader on the field and one of the most complete strikers in the game.

Robert Lewandowski – 87 rating
27 years, plays for FC Bayern, born in Poland, ST
In the season 2015/2016 is Lewandowski went very good start. He scored on a conveyor belt and is a fixed value for the top club FC Bayern Munich. He has great statistics in FIFA 16 for speed, attack, dribble, shoot and score goals. In addition, he is physically very strong. The pool is an added value for each team and therefore cost both in Career Mode as in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, a lot of money or coins. It is expected that Lewandowski in Winter Upgrades from 2016 gets an upgrade in its statistics because he at the start of the football season 2015/2016 the striker who is the best fit.

Sergio Agüero – 87 rating
27 years, playing for Manchester City, born in Argentina, ST
The Argentine Agüero plays in the Barclays Premier League team Manchester City. He is one of the fastest strikers in the game with a rating of 89 for speed, 92 acceleration and 86 for sprint speed. He excels at all the statistics related to dribbling and making goals. He started in FIFA 16 Career Mode with a rating of 87, but can become the best striker in the world if you put it in the right way bet in the game.

Thomas Müller – 86 rating
26 years, plays for FC Bayern, born in Germany, CF
Thomas Müller is the only player which is preferred for the CF position in the game. He will gladly pick up the ball from midfield and can play well on basically all attacking positions. He’s only 26 years old and hence highly sought after in the Career Mode. Since it can become the best striker in the game. He excels in suit and all the statistics that have to do with making goals. In Ultimate Team, he is also a sought-after player and you will have so many coins must deposit to buy him.

The best young talent for Career
Talents in FIFA 16 are very important when you start a career as a manager of a team. These players have a relatively low start rating, but may be growing a lot and thus have a high potential rating. These players can be worth a lot of money in the game and are seen as the most talented young strikers in FIFA 16 Career:
Position Name Team Rating to start Career Growth Potential rating
Breel Donald Embolo FC Basel ST 76 88 12
Paulo Dybala Juventus ST 78 88 10
Ángel Correa Atlético Madrid ST 76 87 11
Antonio Sanabria Sporting Gijon ST 73 86 13
Divock Origi Liverpool ST 76 86 10

ST talents under 25 years
Position Name Team Rating to start Career Growth Potential rating
Antoine Griezmann Atlético Madrid ST 83 89 6
Breel Donald Embolo FC Basel ST 76 88 12
Paulo Dybala Juventus ST 78 88 10
Morata Juventus ST 81 88 7
Paco Alcacer Valencia CF ST 80 88 8
Alexandre Lacazette Olympique Lyon ST 84 88 4
Ángel Correa Atlético Madrid ST 76 87 11
Antonio Sanabria Sporting Gijon ST 73 86 13
Divock Origi Liverpool ST 76 86 10
Anthony Martial AS Monaco ST 77 86 9

ST, and CF with the highest growth rate
Players with a high growth start with a low initial appreciation in the Career Mode, but soon they will start to grow to a higher overall rating. Especially if you decide to follow a separate training with these players. You can make them become a fixture within your team or sell them for money. The five players in FIFA 16 with the highest growth in positions ST and CF are:
Position Name Team Rating to start Career Growth Potential rating
Scott McLean Kilmarnock ST 49 71 22
Calvin Miller Celtic ST 53 75 22
Mathew Stevens Barnet ST 51 72 21
Paul Esslemont St. Johnstone ST 51 72 21
Bright Enobakhare Wolves ST 55 75 20

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