The central midfield will be seen in the football game FIFA 16 is often overlooked. People are more concerned with attacking positions and the wing attackers. The players at this position are often seen as less spectacular. Yet the society is a very important link between defense and attack. In midfield, you can choose in FIFA 16 players in positions CM, CAM and CDM. What do these abbreviations, who are the talents under 21 and who are the best players on the CM, CAM and CDM positions in FIFA 16 Career and Ultimate Team (FUT)?


The positions CAM, CM and CDM in the football world
In the middle, you will get, depending on the selected formation, in making the football with different positions. What do the terms CAM, CM and CDM? What is that statistics are crucial for these players?

Central midfielder – CM
The central midfielder is used in virtually every conventional formation. However, there are configurations available that you do not use the central midfielder, but only from an offensive and a defensive midfielder. The central midfielder should be able to disrupt the building of an attack of the opponent and also help in the attack. Speed, endurance, passes, crosses and high work ethic are key metrics for the CM. Known example of a CM is Riechedly Bazoer, who plays in the Premier League in the 2015/2016 season for Ajax.

Central attacking midfielder – CAM
These players standing behind the striker (s) and is set very offensive. Of course he will occasionally have to carry out his defensive duties, but the majority of a contest he stands around 16 meters from the opponent. Key statistics for CAM include: passing, dribbling, long shots, shooting on goal, insight and work ethic. Many traditional setups in FIFA 16 make use of a CAM. But it can be a useful player for many players. It is an important link between the midfield and the attack. A well-known Netherlands, which preferentially in FIFA 16 plays in this position, is Wesley Sneijder.

Central defensive midfielder – CDM
The midfielder plays behind the CM, but for defense. The defensive midfielder will be able to perform more defensively oriented in a contest and must take care to build an attack. Strength, defending, passing, insight and leadership are key metrics for the CDM. Nigel de Jong (AC Milan) and Daley Blind (Manchester United) are well-known examples of players who like to play this position.

The best players at these positions in FIFA 16
The following five players in the Ultimate Team game mode and the start of a Career best:

David Silva – 88 rating
29 years, playing for Manchester City, born in Spain, CAM
The 29-year-old Silva has been around since the 2010/2011 season, a fixed value for his team Manchester City, which plays in the Barclays Premier League in England. He excels in creating opportunities, dribbling, ball control, reaction time, balance, positioning, vision and passing. He is a real playmaker. According to many football fans David Silva in the football season 2015/2016 in the real world the best central attacking midfielder.

Iniesta – 88 rating
31 years, plays for FC Barcelona, ​​born in Spain, CM
Iniesta has been a hero in Spain. For both the national team of Spain as his club FC Barcelona, ​​he has become a mainstay. He is in FIFA 16 in years. This makes its rating on the areas of endurance and speed decreased compared to FIFA 15. However, he is one of the best midfielders in the world. He excels in dribbling, ball control, passing, shooting on goal and technically dribble.

James Rodríguez – 87 rating
24 years, plays for Real Madrid, born in Colombia, CAM
James Rodríguez is one of the greatest talents of FIFA 16. He has everything to be the best player in the world. He excels at an early age in all the statistics you need to have a good attacking midfielder. He plays with preference on the CAM position, but can also be arranged as a CM. In a Career James is very expensive to buy. Real Madrid want him not like to lose. Yet it is recommended to buy it if you have the budget. Namely it grows into one of the best players in the game. His card in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team takes on the transfer market many coins.

Toni Kroos – 87 rating
25, plays for Real Madrid, born in Germany, CM
Toni Kroos plays, like three other players from the top five for Real Madrid. He’s only 25 years old and is already among the best midfielders in the world. He excels at shooting from distance, shooting from short range, responsiveness and shot power. He is also a real playmaker and a very important part of a team. Unfortunately, he is not a fast player, making his Ultimate Team is fairly cheap. In Career Mode will give you some more money should be put down to pluck him away from Real Madrid.

Luka Modric – 87 rating
30 years, plays for Real Madrid, born in Croatia, CM
Modric excels in dribbling, balance, reaction time, ball control, passing and creating opportunities. Especially the latter statistic is very important. If you buy Modric in a Career or in Ultimate Team, he guarantees opportunities, assists and goals. In one way or another Modric is often in the right place at the right time. He is also a true playmaker and playmaker.

Best CDM
Because the top five players sorted by the CM positions, CAM and CDM, the last position is not represented, follow below the top five CDMs in FIFA 16.
Philipp Lahm – 87 rating
Sergio Busquets – 86 rating
Nemanja Matic – 84 rating
Blaise Matuidi – 84 rating
Xabi Alonso – 84 rating

The best young talent for Career
In a career as a manager in FIFA 16 it is important, alongside the best players in the world, even to buy young talents. In FIFA 16, these are talents under 21, which could become the world’s best players.

CM talents
Position Name Team Rating to start Career Growth Potential rating
Youri Tielemans RSC Anderlecht CM 76 90 14
Riechedly Bazoer Ajax CM 75 88 13
Alen Halilovic Sporting Gijon CM 73 87 14
Nabil Bentaleb Spurs CM 75 86 11
Godfred Donsah Bologna CM 69 85 16

CAM talents
Position Name Team Rating to start Career Growth Potential rating
Maximilian Meyer FC Schalke 04 CAM 78 88 10
Marco Asensio RCD Espanyol CAM 75 87 12
Hachim Mastour Milan CAM 67 87 20
Óliver Torres Atlético Madrid CAM 79 87 8
Levin Öztunalı Werder Bremen CAM 71 86 15

CDM talents
Position Name Team Rating to start Career Growth Potential rating
Danilo Valencia CF CDM 78 87 9
Rúben Neves FC Porto CDM 74 86 12
Jorrit Hendrix PSV CDM 74 84 10
Saúl Athlético Madrid CDM 76 83 7
Palhinha Moreirense FC CDM 68 82 14

CM, CAM and CDM with the highest growth
Players that much can grow in a Career can be used in multiple ways. You can buy them cheaply and grow into solid value for your team, whether you are buying them cheap to by later with tens of millions of profit selling. However, players with high growth in ratings are very important if you want to do a successful career.

Best CM with the highest growth
Position Name Team Rating to start Career Growth Potential rating
Jean-Victor Makengo SM Caen CM 54 75 21
Sean McKirdy Heart of Midlothian CM 52 72 20
Francois Martin FC Sochaux CM 51 70 19
Emre Can Atila Konyaspor CM 58 77 19
Harun Alpsoy Grasshopper CM 51 70 19

Best CAM with the highest growth
Position Name Team Rating to start Career Growth Potential rating
Connor Ronan Wolves CAM 51 73 22
Manu Garcia Manchester City CAM 61 83 22
Jack Dyche Scunthorpe United CAM 47 68 21
Harry Chapman Middlesbrough CAM 53 74 21
Zachary Elbouzedi West Brom CAM 63 81 20

Best CDM with the highest growth rate
Position Name Team Rating to start Career Growth Potential rating
Jesús Marimón Once Caldas CDM 51 76 25
Jeando Fuchs FC Sochaux CDM 50 72 22
Arnold Remo FC Lucerne CDM 52 71 19
Alois Confais ES Troyes CDM 52 71 19
Corentin Jacob Stade Brest CDM 58 75 17

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