FIFA 16 is a football game that was released in September 2015. In the game you play with real players. Every footballer has EA Sports, the creator of the game, given a rating (valuation). This is a value of 0 to 100. Where is a player with a rating of 94 world and a player of 65 mediocre. At positions of left midfielder (LM) and left winger – attacker left wing (LW) play many of the best players in FIFA 16. The leftwinger is sometimes abbreviated as LF, the left forward. Who are the best LW and LM players in FIFA 16 and who are the young talents in this position?


The positions LW and LM in the football world
As you can deduced from the name, these players play in midfield. Players who play football here should be able to disrupt the attack and build up the opponent and steal the ball. They must also carry out offensive work by helping to build an attack, crosses and giving assists and scoring. Important characteristics for these players include speed, power, give pushes, passing and scoring from close and / or remotely. LM interferes more with the defense than the LW. This is on the attack a lot more active. In the football world play many of the greatest talents and world champions at this position.

The best players at this position in FIFA 16
The following five players in the Ultimate Team game mode and the start of a Career best:

Cristiano Ronaldo – 93 overall rating
30 years, plays for Real Madrid, born in Portugal, LW
FIFA 16 is Cristiano Ronaldo at number two of the best players from the entire game. He scored a goal for his team Real Madrid on the assembly line and is seen as one of the best footballers of all time. Together with Lionel Messi he breaks record after record. It is therefore not surprising that he is so highly rated in FIFA 16. His overall rating is 93, and he really excels in all qualities that a midfielder and striker should possess. Playing Ronaldo is in the section FIFA 16 Ultimate Team (FUT), one of the most expensive cards to buy with coins. In a Career is virtually impossible to buy Ronaldo, whether you really need to have more than one hundred million over.

Eden Hazard – 89 overall rating
24 years, plays for Chelsea, born in Belgium, LM
Eden Hazard has been named the best player in the Barclays Premier League (English Premier League) season 2014/2015. If left midfielder gave he made in that season, 14 goals and nine assists. In FIFA 16, he is a player you’d like to see in your team. He is very young, excels in everything except meeverdedigen. In midfield and in attack he is lord and master. If you have money in a much Career over, then it’s worth it to buy Hazard. He is still young and has a potential rating above 90.

Neymar – 88 overall rating
23 years, plays for FC Barcelona, ​​born in Brazil, LW
Neymar is seen as the successor of players like Messi and Ronaldo. He’s only 23 years old and has been playing every week in the base at FC Barcelona. He is also Brazil’s main player of the national team, now a veritable folk hero. He is very fast, can dribble perfectly and has a nose for goal. He also often provides the decisive assist. In FIFA 16 Ultimate Team will cost you a lot of coins to pay for his purchase. In Career, you are also losing a lot of money (more than 70 million in most cases), but then you have a player who can grow to a minimum rating of 93. Tip: his contract with FC Barcelona expires in 2018, After two seasons in Career you can make it often cheaper to take over.

Franck Ribéry – 87 overall rating
32, plays for FC Bayern, born in France, LM
Compared with the rating in FIFA 15, Franck Ribéry is an average of one point deteriorated. Yet he remains one of the best left midfielders in the world. In FIFA 16, he excels in speed, responsiveness, ball control, dribbling, playmaking and all statistics related to passing and shooting to target. He is already 32 years, but in spite of that fact still extremely popular in Ultimate Team. In Career is not a popular player because he can do more with it for years. He has at FC Bayern still have a contract until 2017, so maybe you can have him pick cheap to use 1 or 2 seasons in your team.

Marco Reus – 86 overall rating, LM
26 years, plays for Borussia Dortmund, born in Germany
When Marco Reus was younger, it was said that he would be the new Ronaldo. Unfortunately Reus touched many injured and he could never reach that level. Yet it is a very good player and a worthy conclusion of this top 5. Giant is a very fast midfielder with great statistics for everything that has to do with passing, dribbling and shooting to target. Marco is both a Career as Ultimate Team and very suitable for each team an asset.

The best young talent for Career
A young talent in FIFA 16 is a football player under 21, which has a very high potential. Normally these types of players are very cheap, but for the position LW, LF and LM is this often anyway. There are namely a number of world class players in the list of young talents who prefer to play in this position. The following players, sorted by potential credit rating are considered talents for the position LW, LF and LM:
Position Name Team Rating to start Career Growth Potential rating
Goncalo Guedes SL Benfica LM 70 88 18
Julian Brandt Bayer LM 74 04 88 14
Raheem Sterling LM Manchester City 82 88 6
Dani Ceballos Real Betis LM 73 87 14
Václav Cerný Ajax LW 66 86 20

LW, LF and LM with the highest growth
In Ultimate Team you have unfortunately not a lot of players still much to grow in terms of overall rating in the game. In Career Mode game (career) is. A player with a low initial appreciation can you buy for little money for your team. This player has the potential to be worth a lot of money in a few years. A tactic that you can use as you start a Career with a team from a lower division or team with a low transfer budget. In FIFA 16, the next player at the position LW, LF and LM the highest growth, sorted by growth:
Position Name Team Rating to start Career Growth Potential rating
Thomas Torgersen Sarspborg LM 51 73 22
Václav Cerný Ajax LW 66 86 20
Oscar Borg West Ham LM 58 77 19
Dennon Lewis Watford LW 63 82 19
Philipp Ochs 1899 Hoffenheim LM 60 79 19

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