The most played modes of the football game FIFA 16, the Career (Career) and the online component FIFA 16 Ultimate Team (FUT 16). With both modes, you need to buy for your own football club. The defensive position LB (left back) is a difficult position to fill. There is in FIFA 16 a lack of good left defenders. A defending player who left back on the pitch must also defend addition to playing soccer in the attack, are fast and can give a good cross. There are so very many of these players are expected. Who are the best LB’s in FIFA 16? Who are the young talents in this position?


The positions LB and LWB in FIFA 16
In defense of a football team players play in positions LB (left back) and LWB (left wingback). In Dutch this position is called LA (rear left). Players who play in the defense of this position are often very versatile. It is these players are expected to continue the opponents block and defend, but they should also help in the attack and in midfield. The emerging back has become very popular in football and also in FIFA 16. For example, consider Jetro Willems from PSV. In addition to his defensive duties, he also regularly gives a sharp cross attack. A good left back is hard to find in FIFA 16. LWB’s high levels are already quite rare.

Best LB’s and LWB in FIFA 16
The following five players have the highest overall rating in this defensive position inherited in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. The rating indicated is often the rating that got the player offline game mode Career.

David Alaba – 85 rating
23 years, plays at FC Bayern, born in Austria
David Alaba is a young, fast, strong and reliable defender. He is preferably on the LB-position. Whether for a career (Career) as FIFA 16 Ultimate Team (FUT) Alaba is very good – perhaps the best – option for this position. He is very fast and excels in all statistics where defenders are good at properly. He is also very good with shots on goal. Something not common among defenders.

Jordi Alba – 84 rating
26 years, plays at FC Barcelona, born in Spain
Jordi Alba has been a fixture for FC Barcelona, one of the best teams in the world. His high rating is therefore not a coincidence. He excels in intercepting the ball, tackling, jumping and provide crosses. He is the fastest acclaimed LB in the game. With a speed of 92 it is difficult to stop off for the opponent.

Ricardo Rodriguez – 83 rating
23 years old, playing at VfL Wolfsburg, born in Switzerland
The Wolfsburg club has had a great season in 2014/2015. They finished in second place in the German Bundesliga. This is what they had to, among other things thanks to the solid LB Ricardo Rodriguez. In FIFA 16, he has been given an overall rating of 83. He excels in passes, interceptions, taking penalties, give pushes, tackling and ball control. Unfortunately he is not the fastest LB of the game. Yet Ricardo Rodriquez a good option for a FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, because it is a lot cheaper than Jordi Alba and David Alaba.

Marcelo – 83 rating
27 years old, playing at Real Madrid, born in Brazil
Marcelo is in FIFA 16 is one of the best LB in the world. He has been a fixture for Real Madrid and the Brazilian national team. Even though Brazil has been very difficult during the World Cup in their own country, Marcelo still has a high rating in the football game. He excels in speed, dribbling, defending and providing crosses.

Leighton Baines – 83 rating
30 years playing at Everton, born in England
Leighton Baines is regarded as the most complete defender in the English Barclay Premier League football. He excels in all defend statistics alone is not a good topper. This has to do with his height (170cm). He also excels at taking penalty kicks, crosses give and shot power. In FIFA 16, speed is not as important as in previous games, where you could run easily along slow players. Leighton Baines This has become a very popular player for both a career as FUT 16.

The best young LB, LWB talents Career
Talents are very important in the offline Career mode in FIFA 16. talents are young players under 21, with a high initial rating or a high potential rating. The rating of a player grows in a career, among others as often draws him into a team, doing training with him and if he performs well during matches. The best five talents for the positions LB’s and LWB in a career of FIFA 16 are:

Position Name Team Rating to start Career Growth Potential rating
Luke Shaw Manchester United LB 77 88 11
Gaya Valencia CF LB 80 87 7
Fedrico Mattiello Chievo Verona LB 71 83 12
Dzhamaldin Khodzhaniyazov Zenit LB 69 83 14
Arellano Athletic Bilbao LB 63 82 19

LB’s, LWB with the highest growth
If you do not have a high transfer budget, it is convenient to buy inexpensive players who can still grow a lot. These players often have a lousy credit rating at the start of a season, but grow very fast. The following five players have the highest growth of all the players in positions LB and LWB:

Position Name Team Rating to start Career Growth Potential rating
Julian Ryerson Viking FK LB 50 70 20
Chidiebere Nwakali Málaga CF LB 59 78 19
Arellano Athletic Bilbao LB 63 82 19
Kieran Tierney Celtic LB 51 70 19
Ben Harrison AFC Wimbledon LB 55 74 19

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