In the football game FIFA 16 you play with players you know from the real world. The most played the game options in the Career and the online component FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). In both cases you must assemble a team. This also includes CSFs and CVs. These are central backs or central defenders. In a Career players can still grow if they are prepared much in your team. If you buy smart players, you buy so players can still grow a lot. These players are also called talents or wonder kids. In FUT does not grow any more players. Then, it’s wise to buy the best central defenders. Who are the best CB and CVs in the game? Who are the young talents growing a lot in FIFA 16 Career?


The position CB (central)
CB is in play for “center back” in the football game FIFA 16. In some cases, it is sometimes CV, called “central defender”. This is a defensive position on the field. The player who is seen here in football as the defensive heart of the defense. He plays just for the goal and is largely a football busy defending. In general, central backs burly and tall players who excel in the headers of the ball entering the game in the air and vision. The best CBs in FIFA 16 also excel at passing the ball. Building an attack indeed often starts from the defense already.

The best central defenders in FIFA 16
In FIFA 16 Ultimate Team (FUT 16) all players have a fixed value (rating). This value does not grow as you compose the player often, as in the modes Career is the case. The best CBs in the game are not the cards that most coins cost because they still spend less money on defense in this line item. The five best central defenders in the game:

Thiago Silva – 88 rating
31 years old, playing at PSG, born in Brazil
Despite the demise of the national football team of Brazil times the World Cup in their own country, the center back Thiago Silva the highest rating of all CBs in the game. He is given a rating of 90 for defense and excels in responsiveness, ball control, heading, tackling, man-marking and intercept the ball. He is very strong and he can jump very high. He has been a fixture for his team PSG. The game modes Career will have to offer a lot of money to get Silva to your team. He is by his employer considered the best player for the position CB and has a contract until 2018.

Jérôme Boateng – 87 rating
27 years, plays at FC Bayern, born in Germany
Boateng is a strong, long and quick defender. He excels in defense, headers, tackles, man-marking and intercept the ball. Boateng is both a Career as an Ultimate Team, a very fit player. It may be many years participate in a Career and has the perfect stats for a FUT team.

Sergio Ramos – 87 rating
29 years playing at Real Madrid, born in Spain
Sergio Ramos has been a fixture for his club Real Madrid and the national team of Spain. It is seen as one of the best defenders in the world. He shines like the above two players in defense, balonderschepping, heads, man-marking, tackling and ball control. In addition, Sergio Ramos is also physically very strong and he acts on the field as a leader.

Giorgio Chiellini – 87 rating
31 years old, playing at Juventus, born in Italy
Along with the number one on this list, Giorgio Chiellini has uphold the highest rating for the stat. Many FIFA 16 players do not understand that he is still seen in the game as a defender of world class. One finds him nearly as well as the above three players. This is also good to see if you look closely at the valuation on the remaining points. Giorgio Chiellini excels in all the stats that have to do with defense. Stats that deal with nothing to defend, adjust Chiellini also nothing at all. Defending his life. He will not easily give the lovely through-passing, beautiful goals or make players play with good play. He defends perfect, nothing more, nothing less. He has therefore long been a fixture for his national team and since 2005 for the Juventus club.

Mats Hummels – 87 rating
26 years, plays at Borussia Dortmund, born in Germany
The season 2014/2015 was Mats Hummels very changeable. With the national team he won the world championship, but his club was not very good. In the first half of the season was Borussia Dortmund at the bottom in the German Bundesliga. The second half of the season went a lot better. Also thanks to the strength, the defense and the leadership of Mats Hummels, Borussia Dortmund managed to fight their way back into the top 10. Thanks to this assistance comes Hummels still one of the best central defenders in the world and FIFA 16. Because he is only 26 years, he is also an asset for a Career. However, you’ll have to dig deep into their pockets for this German top defender.
The best young talents in CB Career
In modes Career (Career) in terms of rating players can still grow. A player can, for example start with a rating of 80, but become a potential rating of 93. This is called the talent in FIFA 16. However, it may differ per career, which is the potential of a player. A player with a potential of 93 may increase to 95, but also linger at 90. This depends on several factors. The best five talents under 21 years in FIFA 16 are:
Position Name Team Rating to start Career Growth Potential rating
Niklas Süle 1899 Hoffenheim CB 78 88 10
Alessio Romagnoli AC Milan CB 75 87 12
Kurt Zouma Chelsea CB 77 87 10
Vallejo Real Zaragoza CB 74 86 12
Jaïro riedewald Ajax CB 75 86 11

The following central backs or central defenders in FIFA 16 have the highest growth:
Position Name Team Rating to start Career Growth Potential rating
Dael Fry Middlesbrough CB 52 74 22
Gökhan Gül VfL Bochum CB 57 79 22
Regan Poole Newport County CB 54 76 22
Jérôme Junior Onguéne FC Sochaux CB 58 80 22
Oumar Gonzalez FC Metz CB 52 72 20

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